Shipping and Returns

The products are sold to the Customer on the website upon their identification by completing and submitting the online order form in accordance with the instructions provided and contextual acceptance of these General Sales Conditions, as well as the prices and description of the products involved in the transaction.

Each sale made on the website may relate to one or more products, without quantity limits for each item, except when explicitly mentioned in the product information (e.g. Limited Editions).

It is forbidden for the Customer to provide false information in the registration process, sales, and subsequent communications. JM Europe, Lda. reserves the right to take legal action on any violation or abuse in the interest of and to protect all consumers.

The acceptance of these General Sales Conditions presupposes the release of JM Europe, Lda. from any liability related to the issue of incorrect tax documents resulting from errors in the information provided by the Customer during the order process.

The Customer is solely responsible for the correction of this data.

The order form available on the website includes:

  • Description, images, price and quantity of each product;
  • Means of payment that can be used;
  • Delivery modalities of the acquired products and shipping and delivery costs, whenever applicable;
  • Reference to the General Sales Conditions that include the conditions to exercise the Right of Free Resolution;
  • Conditions of return and guarantee of the products purchased.

Before completing the order process, the Customer must read and confirm full knowledge and acceptance of these General Sales Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy.

The completion of the order process takes place when we receive the information from the online order form and after verifying the accuracy of the data sent.

JM Europe, Lda. may, before sending the Order Confirmation, request by email other essential information for processing, payment, and delivery of the order.

JM Europe, Lda. reserves the right to cancel orders if it finds that there are no payment guarantees or in situations where the order is placed by a Customer with whom there is an ongoing legal dispute relating to a previous order.

This right also applies whenever JM Europe, Lda. with legitimate reasons, considers the Customer behaviour unsuitable (for example, a Customer with a precedent of violation of these General Sales Conditions or involved in fraudulent activities of any kind).

If, for any reason, a product ordered is not available, JM Europe, Lda. undertakes to inform the Customer and to refund the amounts that have been paid, within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days from the date of knowledge of such unavailability.


All shipments include:

  • The product(s) ordered;
  • The transport guide;
  • The bill;
  • Other mandatory accompanying documentation depending on the country of dispatch/delivery;
  • Any informational and promotional material.

For orders equal to or greater than €50.00 for delivery in mainland Portugal and €50.00 for deliveries in mainland Spain, we pay the shipping costs. VAT included.


The cost of deliveries for orders up to 2kg are as follows:

Mainland4,22€ + VAT
Madeira and Açores islands (boat)6,77€ + VAT
Mainland5,69€ + VAT
Baleares islands (boat)18,91€ + VAT

Delivery of the order is carried out at the address indicated by the Customer (provided that it is located in one of the countries to which JM Europe, Lda. sells through its website).

The Customer will have a choice of delivery address to confirm. If you do not confirm, the system automatically assumes, for this purpose, the address that the Customer indicated in his account.

In home deliveries, deliveries to PO Boxes or areas where there are restrictions on the movement of goods and people are not allowed.

Orders will only be sent after confirmation of stock availability and confirmation of payment, being shipped by partner companies of JM Europe, Lda., namely CTT Expresso or another indicated.

Information about the delivery of the order will be sent via email to the contacts indicated in the Customer’s account. JM Europe, Ltd. recommends that these are always up to date when ordering.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that it is available on the day the order is delivered.

If, at the time of delivery of the order, no one is at the indicated address, a second delivery attempt will be rescheduled by the carrier. If the second delivery attempt is not successful, the order will be returned to JM Europe, Lda. or it can be placed at the nearest CTT collection points.

 JM Europe, Ltd. will reimburse the customer for the amount paid, with the exception of costs incurred in sending the order, as well as any expenses related to storage and new delivery attempts, even in orders free of transport costs, due to the damage caused by the attempt to deliver the order to the customer.

 JM Europe, Ltd. reserves the right to split the delivery of the order, for example, but not limited to, if part of the order is delayed or unavailable. In these cases, the Customer is informed to the email indicated in the ordering process.

Upon receipt of the order, the Customer must verify the integrity of the packaging. If you detect anomalies, these must be recorded accurately and in detail by the shipping company and the delivery refused. Otherwise, the Customer will not be able to complain about this issue.

Average delivery times are as follows:

Mainland2-5 business days
Madeira and Açores islands (boat)10-20 business days
Mainland3-7 business days
Baleares islands (boat)10-20 business days

JM Europe Ltd. always proceeds in order to guarantee the delivery within the foreseen period. If it is not possible to deliver the order within the estimated period, the maximum delivery period will be 28 days.

 JM Europe, Ltd. does not guarantee the deadlines referred to in the previous points during periods of promotions, sales, Christmas or in case of out of stock.

 JM Europe, Ltd. is not responsible for non-compliance, or default in non-compliance, of any obligation resulting from a force majeure event (event, act or omission beyond its reasonable control).


Applicable on purchases made at

The Customer may cancel his order at any time until delivery, with the right to a refund of all amounts paid. Upon receipt of the order by the Customer, the latter may exercise their right of free withdrawal under the legally established terms and indicated below.

Failure to pay for the order within 5 (five) days following the date on which it was placed implies its automatic cancellation.

Pursuant to the provisions of Law 7/2004 of January 7, relating to electronic commerce, JM Europe, Lda. reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the order whenever there is a programming error, malfunction of the computers of JM Europe, Lda. or if the contractual proposal arrives deformed at its destination and the error concerns an essential element of the contract.


In the case of orders paid using credit, in part or in full, the credit agreement is automatically and simultaneously considered to have been terminated, with no right to compensation (article 8 of DL 143/2001, of 26 April, as amended by the DL 82/2008, of May 20).

Within the scope of its Customer Satisfaction Policy, and under the applicable legal terms, JM Europe, Lda. allows the exchange or return (termination of the contract) of items, within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt by the Customer, without payment of compensation and without the need to indicate the reason.

Items must be returned within 14 days after receipt, accompanied by the Original Invoice (article 6 of DL 143/2001, of April 26th, as amended by DL 82/2008, of May 20th) and Note duly completed Return Form.

If you wish to exchange or return items, you can contact JM Europe, Lda. via the email, which will provide you with all the information about the exchange/return process. In no case send the articles without prior contact as they will not be received.

The return and exchange of articles must comply with the following conditions:

Return of items in good condition;

With full original packaging;

Accompanied by the respective invoice.

The Customer is responsible for the correct packaging of the products to be returned, as well as the costs inherent to their shipment.

All items will be checked upon arrival at our service and only those that respect the return conditions will be accepted for exchange or return.

 JM Europe, Ltd. reserves the right not to accept articles that do not comply with these conditions.

If the Customer chooses to return the amount paid, we inform you that the refund is made by the same means of payment.

In the event of having received damaged items, other than the item purchased by the customer due to an error in delivery, or with technical problems, JM Europe, Lda. will schedule their collection at the location you indicate, in the same shipping area as the original order, without any charges to the Customer.

 JM Europe, Ltd. will charge 10 (ten) euros + VAT of administrative expenses and postage to all customers who return items due to an error attributable to the customer.


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